ARCFIT™ is a wholistic fitness and wellness program centered around firearm-focused, personal defense concepts.


At ARCFIT™ we embrace and advance one simple truth - YOU are the weapon! We understand that the safe, effective and responsible use of a gun is essentially driven and supported by one's physical capabilities, mental acuity, and martial intelligence. Therefore, we've engineered a revolutionary Tabata-style High Intensity Interval Training ("HIT") program combining dynamic movement drills, martial arts exercises and defensive shooting concepts into one singular workout routine designed to develop and expand an armed defender's most fundamental defense platform - the human apparatus - mind, body and energy center. 

Though centered around firearm skill drills, there is no actual “live-firing” in ARCFIT™. A straight-ahead workout program, ARCFIT™  focuses less on promoting actual marksmanship fundamentals but concentrates more on preparing and conditioning the modern defender to better manage the economy of motions ("arc of movements") and focused use of energy, that ultimately impact and influence one's ability to prevail in response to a potentially lethal encounter.

Created by M. O’Neal Mitchell, a certified personal trainer, firearm instructor and life-long martial artist, ARCFIT™ will not only strengthen and tone your body but, ultimately, transform your entire being into a more capable defensive platform.


If you want to improve your overall health and fitness and simultaneously advance your defensive shooting capabilities, ARCFIT™ is the perfect workout program for you! 

   Save time, money and energy by combining your self-defense and fitness efforts, and join ARCFIT™ today! 

ARCFIT is a NOVA Dynamic Training Group company



M. O'Neal Mitchell



Mitchell is a NRA Certified Handgun Instructor and certified personal trainer holding numerous tactical firearm certifications from private training schools. He's worked as a private security operator and Close Protection Specialist for nearly 10 years, having guarded Fortune 100 company executives, natural disaster relief workers, and high-profile individuals. A life-long student of the Japanese martial arts, holding black belts in Jujitsu, Judo and Karate, he served as the Assistant Director of the Senjokan Dojo, a traditional Japanese martial arts school located in Atlanta, Georgia for over 6 years. Mitchell currently holds the position of acting Assistant Executive Director of Gendai Senjo Bujutsu Kai and is also a member in good-standing with the Koden Bugei Kai Aikijujutsu Association and the USA Judo Association. 




C.D. (Charles) Mayhew is an elite Fitness Professional and Nutrition Coach. Since his early childhood, C.D. has been highly involved in shooting sports and intense physical activity. In 2012, he received his degree in Exercise Science from Transylvania University, where he was a two sport athlete playing both basketball and set school records for long and triple jump in Track and Field. He then went on to become a Fitness Professional for two years at one of the nation’s most prestigious fitness and health companies, Lifetime Fitness. Working with clients of every age and physical goal, as well as receiving his Pilates Instructor Certification, C.D. was able to achieve a wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition and how to convey that information to anyone seeking help in that field. Moving forward to present day, C.D. now works as an online Fitness and Nutrition coach, as well as a high end personal trainer in Atlanta Georgia. Whether working with clients online or through private training, C.D.’s main focus is helping people all over the world achieve their health needs and fitness goals! 2 years Collegiate Basketball, 3 years Collegiate Track and Field, Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certification National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) CertificationPeak into Pilates Level 1 Instructor Nutrition Expert Fitness Model and PersonalityPost Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialist Certified.


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